Auth0 Explorer

Visualizing Identity Management


There is a better way to understand the relationship between clients, connections, APIs and other identity entities to reduce the complexity of maintenance and proactive troubleshooting.


Auth0 has a history of providing outstanding developer tools and admin interfaces to make identity implementation and management simple. Nevertheless, there are many relationships between entities–clients, connections, apis, organizations–that can be difficult to conceptualize once they’ve been configured.

Auth0 Explorer was built as a proof of concept in 2019 and it remains an active experiment whereby some field teams and customers use it to visualize Auth0 tenant setups.

To try this out, visit: https://explorer.auth0.com/. If you sign in to your Auth0 account, it will visualize your tenant automatically.

Don’t have an Auth0 tenant? No problem. You can just click the Demo Mode option to get an idea of what it looks like using a sample configuration.

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