Verifiable Credentials

Seamlessly issue and verify cryptographically verifiable digital credentials based on the w3c Verifiable Credentials standard.


Credentials are valuable for society, as they foster trust between parties by creating verifiable records for an entity, which makes exchanging ideas, services, and goods more secure. Examples include: baseline government IDs, membership cards, certificates of skills attainment, and more.

Digitally verifiable versions of portable credentials will scale trust between individuals, institutions, and industry in everyday digital exchanges.

Verifiable Credentials (VCs) are a promising standard for digital, verifiable credentials. Since trust is a globally universal problem, we believe an open standard will be best positioned to solve implementation across localities, devices, and technical environments. Adopting and implementing VCs is hard. There are many security related standards that a company needs to support, and they are being actively iterated on. Auth0/Okta specializes in building developer tools that support authorization and authentication across different technology environments, and VCs may become an important component of authentication going forward.


Unveiling our latest experiment: use Auth0 to issue and verify Verifiable Credentials (VCs)

  1. Learn what VCs are and how they work at verifiablecredentials.dev.
  2. Sign-in to manage.auth0lab.com and check out the "Credentials" experimental tab.

Learn what VCs are:

  1. Check verifiablecredentials.dev, an introductory page to help you learn what verifiable credentials are and how they work.

    It includes sample from common use cases for credentials, such as: ID Cards, Employment Cards and University Degrees.
  2. Use ID Wallet (a sample Web wallet) to obtain and present Verifiable Credentials. You can debug presentations using the VP Tool.

    Learn how to use these tools with a hands-on lab: Use Credentials as a user.
  3. Issue and verify Verifiable Credentials with Auth0.

    Go to manage.auth0lab.com , sign in with your Auth0 account, and get started.

Step by step instructions to:

For VCs to be successful we need standards based interop to:

  • Issue VCs into any wallet the user chooses
  • Present VCs to any verifier from any wallet

Check out our 2 demos.

Demo 1️

Demo 2

  • Issuer: Azure AD
  • Wallet: MS Authenticator
  • Verifier: verifiablecredentials.dev/presentation (by Auth0 Lab). You can use the debugger tool today to debug ANY presentation from any interop compatible wallet.
  • Vision: you'll be able to verify any credential with Auth0.

Demo 3

Demo 4

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