Unity SDK

Streamlining Virtual Reality logins using the Device Flow


There is a better way to log in to VR applications than having to type in a username & password on a virtual keyboard.


When one of our colleagues, an avid VR enthusiast, came to us in 2021 talking about the poor experience logging into VR apps, we wondered if there was an opportunity to make this better both for the end-user and the developer.

While there are many exciting frontiers on AR/VR authentication models we’re considering, we took a classic N+1 approach and proposed a smoother way for end users to sign in using the device authorization grant (device flow).

Check out the SDK on Github:

We built an experimental SDK for the Unity platform to make implementing device flow authentication in a VR app extremely easy.

The goal was to see if it solved a real problem for independent game developers today. While we did get positive feedback, in this case, N+1 wasn’t enough.

To really take VR logins to the next level may require more advanced authentication patterns. We’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas on how we can make authentication easier in the metaverse!

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