Sign in with Ethereum

An experiment to learn how vital decentralized login may become


There is a growing demand to allow people to sign in to applications using decentralized login via the world’s fastest growing blockchain (Ethereum).


The rise in popularity of Web3 led to perhaps the single greatest adoption of PKI in the history of the Internet. With millions of crypto wallets in use around the world, the demand to support this emerging authentication method is likely to grow.

In December 2021, we released a prototype of Sign in with Ethereum that allows a signup / login flow using MetaMask, WalletConnect, and WalletLink.

The Auth0 Lab team connected with SpruceID, who recently launched their own hosted OIDC server to facilitate the Sign in with Ethereum flow.

[1] See Spruce's Login with Ethereum.

If you use Auth0, you can take advantage of our Auth0 Marketplace integration with SpruceID to implement SIWE in a snap.

[2] Auth0-Spruce SIWE in use at flipside crypto.

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